Blues! Yes this all about blues.

This kind of blues is non-fiction blues. The type of blues that come from real life experience, in the tradition of the bluesman of yesteryear. A twist of fate stemming from a broken transmission sets the gears of motion rolling through the years, ending up in the experiences that eventually lead up to the writing of these songs and this CD.

Dan arrived in Memphis in October 1986. He played Beale Street with Uncle Ben for a couple of years then later with the Beale Street Cadillac Blues Band. They played mostly in Handy Park. The seven years or so, playing almost every night, helped Dan improve his guitar work.

Greens Lounge was Dan's next gig playing with Hollywood All Stars. Later, he played in some clubs on Beale with the people of the Blues.

Dan went back to Maine in the spring of 1996, but after about a year and a half, he decided to go back to Memphis.




Dan Charette and Absolutely Blue

  1. My Name 04:12
  2. Call My Job 04:06
  3. I Was Meant To Play The Blues 05:06
  4. You Told Me That You Love Me 04:04
  5. Don't Play Those Blues So Sad 05:44
  6. Cold Women With Warm Hearts 05:19
  7. It Doesn't Matter 03:57
  8. I Got A Mind To Give Up Living 04:50
  9. Beale Street Boogie 04:01
  10. I'll Be Your Fool 04:02
  11. They Weren't Playing The Blues 5:52
  12. You Done Me So Wrong 03:42
  13. Took Me To The Cleaners 08:05

I Don't Mean to be So Blue

  1. Come back to Memphis 03:42
  2. This Mean Old World 05:20
  3. Left Lane Slow Poke 04:39
  4. Nobody Knows 03:38
  5. I'm a Lover 05:57
  6. Diggin It 02:57
  7. Beautiful Day Blues 06:25
  8. I Hope You Will 04:37
  9. I Had a Little Woman 03:16
  10. Please Come Back to Me 06:14
  11. Wild Bill Boogie 05:12
  12. I Aint Got Nobody 04:18

Ice Cubes

  1. The Brothers Blue
  2. Baby Please
  3. E Stomp
  4. If I could Forget About You
  5. Ozark Sunrise
  6. Comin Back Home To You
  7. Ice Cubes
  8. Blues In The Morning
  9. Anything Goes Stomp
  10. She Called Me Long Distance
  11. Just Passin' Time
  12. Sittin' By The Lake
  13. Talk Goin' Around
  14. Before I goe
  15. Welchshire Avenue Rag


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